1 Humbucker/1 Volume/Pull for South Single Coil

Looking for the wiring diagrams for 1 humbucker/ 1 volume/ pull for South single coil?

If you’re in a rush, here’s the wiring diagram: (The illustration is following the Seymour Duncan standard practices, so you won’t have any problems locating what color wire goes where)

1 Humbucker/1 Volume/Pull for South Single Coil Guitar Wiring Diagram

1 humbucker 1 volume pull for south single coil

Modding Guitars Quick Guide

Anybody who has been playing electric guitars for a while knows how boring playing with the same tone can get. There are lots of workarounds with this- the endless guitar tones, amp modelers, the dreaded pentatonic scales, and that legendary pedal!

Still, I find that just changing the pickups can give you an amazing tone. If you’ve got a lot of money to spare, feel free to change anything on your guitar and mess around with the electronics, but if you’re like the rest of us and on a limited budget, investing in a decent guitar that doesn’t cost much is the way to go.

The electric guitar I would suggest is the Ibanez 3/4 Mikro, and the only reason I prefer this over the others is that it’s very close to my heart. The value you get for the cheap price is incredible. If you’ve read my pick of the best guitars for beginners with small hands, you will know that I’m not a fan of making long lists that get super confusing.

I like to stick to guitars I find nice- Gretsch Jim Dandy (not in the market these days) for acoustic, Ibanez 3/4 Micro for an electric mod, and the Cordoba Mini II M for beginners on a budget.

After you’ve decided on a cheap guitar that you can make changes to without worrying about its safety, time to get familiar with the basics! You’re already looking at the 1 humbucker/ 1 volume/ pull for the south single coil wiring diagram, so I’m assuming you’re quite advanced with these things.

Soldering wires in place can be tricky, and if you have never soldered from a wiring diagram before, it can be even trickier. Even if you’re a soldering ninja, this video should hopefully help you in some way!

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How many wires can be on a single-coil pickup?

Just two- most single-coil pickups I’ve seen have two wires- a positive one and a negative which connect to the common ground. The ground just refers to the metal parts on the body of the guitar. As opposed to this, a humbucker has four conductors which can be wired in many different ways.

Can you coil split a humbucker pickup?

Turns out, you can! Splitting a humbucker pickup can result in a North coil or a South coil, or you can try tapping the mid-section of a single-coil pickup.

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