1 Humbucker/ 1 Volume/ Series-Parallel Wiring Diagram

Ready to wire up your humbucker in a single volume with a push-pull in series-parallel?

The fastest way to get good at guitar is to fall in love with the instrument, so you should always keep your instrument in top shape so you feel inspired to pick it up.

If you’re in a rush, here’s the wiring diagram: (The illustration is following the Seymour Duncan standard practices, so you won’t have any problems locating what color wire goes where; you can easily convert this diagram to use Gibson or DiMarzio color codes.)

Single Humbucker Single Volume Series-Parallel Wiring Diagram


Parts You Will Need:

For Soldering

Humbucker Pickups

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Final Thoughts

Modding your guitars or putting in pickups for the first time and thinking of ways to wire them up can be intimidating. We would recommend wiring up in single-hum single-volume push-pull if you like the warm fat tone from the humbucker but would also like a more powerful tone that cuts through the mix.

You have full control over the customization, from tone pots to the brand of pickups you want to use- and that will certainly help you achieve a tone that’s uniquely you.

The series mode is great for rock and lends a powerful tone while the parallel mode for the humbucker pickup provides a clean tone for blues or fingerstyle. With your guitar set up, you can finally get on with learning the pentatonic scales and playing amazing riffs!

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