I’m a guy passionate about all things music. I’ve been playing for well over a decade, and love playing my instruments just as much as I love building them! 

Why I started GuitarKitty

GuitarKitty is my personal project and I started to share my experiences with the world.

Everybody learning the guitar starts out as a clueless beginner. You don’t even know how many strings the bloody thing has!

After years of learning and making mistakes, someday you can tell which fret is what note. You can even tell with confidence that lighter gauges are less forgiving than heavier ones but are harder to bend.

It all takes a lot of time and practice. If you’ve decided to pick up the guitar or any instrument, you’ll find that the learning never stops. I’ve played for about twelve years now, and I know my theory and I’d like to say that I’m kind of a decent musician but I am still learning something new every day.

Is GuitarKitty profit-oriented?

Yes. There’s no point lying about this.

GuitarKitty is written with easy accessibility of knowledge in mind, and all the reviews take time. I get a percentage from the Amazon Affiliate Program but I also have a day job that pays great. So, I have no need to write crappy reviews.

Besides, my primary goal here is to bring quality information to you- things that *will* help you. 

I absolutely love GuitarKitty. I love writing here and I like learning new things about guitars and gears every day.

I receive some commissions from Amazon if you buy from a link on my site. That doesn’t raise the costs for you at all, and I don’t put links to things I personally wouldn’t buy- so don’t worry about getting a trash item you’ll have no use for.

I’ve been scammed many times and one time, I even bought a plastic thing thinking it would help my fingers stretch more. This was a long time ago, but you can rest assured that with this site, you will never run into useless products.

I know how expensive being a musician can get. Even a simple Allen key costs more at a Guitar Shop than at a Hardware Store. Most of us are broke, so it makes no sense to me that music stores would charge more than other shops out there would.

You don’t have to worry about me earning profits by scamming you- this site is made with care from a fellow musician! If you have a good experience with things you buy after reading my reviews and find the purchase just as I said, you might even bookmark GuitarSage!

See how not lying to you helps me?

So, I’m not going to send you cheap crappy things or useless expensive ones. Just the ones you need and ones you’ll love.

Am I lazy?

I am probably the laziest guy you can think of!

I spend most of my day sleeping or playing my favourite songs. I don’t do much on holidays either. I sometimes take my bike on a ride but other than I stay cozy all day.

I am thinking of getting a pet dog sometime soon after lockdown ends. Maybe that’ll make me go out more!

There are times when I’m feeling unmotivated to finish an article and my love for guitars is the only thing that pushes me to stop lazying around.

GuitarKitty has become a source of joy for me, and I know I reach thousands of people every day and that realization keeps me going.

I do a fair amount of research before recommending anything. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this site, and I plan to never sell this site, so everything you read on here is written with a lot of thought put to it.

Despite me being lazy, I am very happy that I put in a lot of effort into GuitarKitty, and I’m very proud of this project. I also enjoy building my own instruments these days.

What instruments do I play?

I mostly play electric guitar. I love nylon-string classical as well as standard acoustic models. I am a huge fan of Megadeth, Buckethead, Andy James and John Petrucci.

I also play the ukulele and keyboard. I’ve always wanted to play the violin, and I do have one I received as a birthday present but I’m not very good at it.

I have limited experience with fretless instruments. I used to play bass for my friends when jamming, and absolutely love how it sounds!

I took drum lessons for some months too, but it was too loud for my taste. I actually love playing on a kit but it gave me hearing loss for almost two months. So, I stick to my Cajon these days and stay away from large kits but I plan on getting a small set sometime in the future.

My Passion

Whether you’re just trying to learn a 3-chord song or have a repertoire of awful cover songs, I’m here to help my fellow guitar fanatics get better!

Music is something that I’m very passionate about, and I hope to inspire and help you in some way to achieve your musical goals.

There are numerous brands of the guitar even if you’re just looking for the simplest steel-string guitar.

I’ve tried to make this site something that I would’ve loved to have when I needed expert advice in my guitar journey.