9 Best Guitar Accessories For Beginners

You’ve got yourself an electric guitar, and you know a couple of chord shapes. That feels great, right?

Somehow, you stumble on videos of awesome virtuosos shredding on their ax, and they’ve got way too many pieces of gear that you can keep count of. If this seems familiar to you, then this article will be very helpful for you.

Acoustic guitars don’t need many gizmos to sound nice but electric guitars are a different story. You need an amp to make a sound and your musical journey will acquaint you fairly quickly with the world of guitar accessories that you may or may not use all the time.

I wrote this as a way to help my friend who was struggling to figure out what he needed to sound better. I meant to keep the list short and helpful, and most importantly – practical for the average beginner. A Marshall cabinet would be great for you, but sadly, you don’t have the budget for huge tube amps, do you?

In this short review, I will walk you through the essential guitar accessories that you really need. And if you’re kinda broke, I will try to add in a free alternative when possible so you cheer up! Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Guitar Accessories For Beginners | The Ultimate List


A handy tuner is not just necessary for a guitarist, but for every musician that plays any instrument out there! You can ask any musician, and the one thing they value most in their musicality is intonation.

Even pianists get their huge pianos tuned every once in a while. The inside of a piano has many strings, and tuning them can take hours even for the most experienced guys. Apparently, the pay is quite high- seems like a lucrative career option to me!

Back to the point – it’s being in tune that differentiates a good violinist from a dying cat, right?

The same is the case for you, my friend. Nobody wants to hear a beginner guitarist strum out of tune, and if you live with your parents, you will only get ridiculed. Every single time!

Now, you absolutely need a tuner if you want to make any progress at all. You can certainly learn chords but if you aren’t even in tune, your ear won’t get used to the sounds, and you won’t be training your ear to hear those intervals any time soon.

You don’t need to get the most expensive tuner out there, though. When I was a beginner, I used to tune in with an app on my phone. There are free apps like PitchLab that let you tune to any pitch, and this app is a personal favorite of mine.

If you don’t have a couple of bucks to spare, you can also try the free mobile tuner by Pitchlab. It does let you tune easily but it’s not quite as good as a clip-on tuner. I prefer to keep distractions away while practicing, so I find that buying a tuner helps.

I suggest getting this cheap one by Snark that even has a metronome built-in. It’s one of the best-value tuners out there, and though the Monoprice Guitar Tuner has a neater interface, it’s pricier and doesn’t even have a metronome feature. If you are a beginner, you absolutely need a metronome, and that’s the reason why I’ve chosen this one.

Bestseller | Snark SN5X Chromatic Tuner

Snark SN5X Chromatic Tuner

What We Think

The Snark tuner has a crystal clear HD display and a cool metronome feature.

The portability is also a handy feature, and you can just put the Snark tuner in your pocket or the gigbag when not using it.

The tuner clamps tightly around the headstock, which is where I would recommend you put tuners, and the sleek design is incredibly practical.


  • Super cheap
  • Fantastic display
  • Metronome
  • Easy to Use
  • Convenient electronic tuner
  • Also useful for violin, cello and ukuleles

Check Price on Amazon

Free | Pitchlab Chromatic Tuner (App)


What We Think

The Pitchlab Lite is a mobile app that works like a charm. You just start the app, and go to the intuitive guitar tuner or the chromatic tuner to tune by looking at the notes,

As far as mobile apps go, this is my favorite one, and not just because it’s free! This app is super lightweight and unlike GuitarTuna that takes up lots of space, it loads up very quickly.

This app doesn’t have fancy features like chord games or songbooks but it’s perfect as a handy tuner. It’s also quite accurate though I find that a clip-on tuner is more reliable.


  • Free
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Can use to tune any instrument
  • Super convenient to use
  • Can use to figure out notes in melodies or chords

Allen Key

Have you ever noticed strings on some guitars being ridiculously high?

We, guitarists, like to call that the action of a guitar, not just because it sounds cool but also because we like to confuse newbies. If you notice that your guitar has high action, you take it to a luthier or a nearby guitar shop, and they somehow fix the issue.

What they are doing is just turning the truss rod inside a guitar neck so that the strings are back the way you like them.

You can do that at home too. You just need an Allen key and a slight turn in the right direction.

Bestseller | IVU Creator Allen Key Set


What We Think

The humble Allen Key is an investment in your guitar journey. It’s inexpensive and yet, when you need to make adjustments to the string height, it will save you time and money.

The key also comes with a set of six picks of varying thickness so you can experiment with the tone and a carrying case.

If you like experimenting with metal or any other musical style that requires a precise string height, getting an Allen key is absolutely necessary. 

I think that it’s very important that you learn to take care of your instrument by yourself as early as possible. And the Allen key will certainly help!


  • Inexpensive
  • Non slip celluloid picks
  • Free case
  • The set can also be used to tend to bicycles

A Reliable Guitar Stand

I’ve been guilty of leaving my guitars on the floor in the past. If you had been to my apartment, you could’ve seen my guitar on my couch, the dining table, the bed (most often), and even by the door.

The guitar isn’t really a high-maintenance instrument like a violin but it does need a bit of care. You need to make sure that the humidity is correct, and that you aren’t constantly dropping the instrument on your floor.

My guitar has had its fair share of injuries and I wish I had gotten a guitar stand much sooner. Electric players will certainly see how a wall-mounted stand can help you prevent scratches and dents on your favorite guitar!

Bestseller | Hercules Stands GSP39WB Plus Hanger

guitar wall hanger

Check Price on Amazon

What We Think

The Hercules Stands hanger is one of the most reliable and affordable hangers out there. It’s less than 20$, is super easy to set up and is built out of sturdy materials.

If you have just one guitar and are tight on space, this guitar hanger will be just perfect for you!


  • Cheap
  • Built to last
  • Easy installation
  • Flawless locking

A Looper Pedal

I know I said I would keep this list minimal and list only things that you absolutely need. Well, you can do without a looper but you would be missing out on something.

A looper is just something that lets you play something on your guitar and layer that on top of something new. This allows you to practice with a loop of chords (much like a traditional metronome but more fun) or create new harmonies.

Bestseller | Boss Loop Station RC-3

boss rc3 loop station

Check Price on Amazon

What We Think

The Loops Station RC-3 is exactly what it says it is. It’s a handy pedal that lets you loop your own parts and improvise over them.

It’s also got a USB 2.0 port in case you would like to connect it to your computer.


  • Portable
  • Can record for upto three hours
  • 99 memory slots
  • Easy to use
  • Drum loops included
  • Can use with headphones if you hook it up to a pc


A metronome is a device that plays clicks or sounds to a fixed tempo. It can sound annoying when you first start, but the humble metronome is a time-tested way to get better at anything musical.

When it comes to getting a metronome, there are plenty of options for you. You can get a separate metronome which is what I recommend or a tuner with a built-in metronome.

If you don’t like the annoying click sounds, you can also try using an app called Chord Bot Lite that I am very fond of.

Free | Chordbot Lite (App)

chordbot lite app chords

Check Google Playstore

What We Think

Chordbot Lite is probably the best rhythm app I’ve ever come across. The pro version will let you export to MIDI/WAV but the free version also lets you use all the features except that.

It’s light in size, lets you choose from about 60 different chord choices, and has inversions, cool voicings, and everything you’ll ever need. The app also has preset rhythms and allows you to choose instrument parts as well.

The reason I suggest this over a metronome is that it’s way more fun than just practicing to a beat. There are also metronome click sounds in the app if you’re after that. You can use the app as a quick backing track maker too.


  • Free
  • Song-O-Matic
  • Huge variety of chords and voicings
  • 400+ instrument tracks
  • Great to get into advanced music theory
  • Super easy to use


You may have heard that a true guitarist doesn’t use a capo. That’s just false!

A capo is just a tool to help you play different voicings out of a guitar. You use a machine-head tuner to help you stay in tune and even like cutaways so it’s convenient to hold your guitar. Then, why would you want to skip out on all the voicings having a capo can offer?

It’s important that you learn to play every chord without a capo. That’s actually way easier than you think and it’s just a matter of time if you practice barre chords diligently.

This capo works well for both electric and acoustic guitars but acoustic guitarists are sure to love it more!

Personal Favorite | UGY Capo for Guitar and Ukulele

UGY Capo for Guitar and Ukulele

Check Price on Amazon

What We Think

The UGY Capo is a neat and durable capo that is very easy to use. It works for both acoustic and electric guitars as well.

I have had one of these for years now, and can absolutely recommend them over any brand capo. It also works for the ukulele and mandolin, so that’s great.


  • Inexpensive
  • Built to last
  • Free from fret buzz
  • Bright sound
  • Quick release
  • Scratch resistant Silicone pads

Guitar strap

Every guitarist needs a guitar strap. Whether you choose to play sitting down or standing, a strap can help ensure that your picking arm is at the right height and you are using the proper technique.

It’s a good idea to practice standing if you are going to be standing at the gig.

Personal Favorite | Qielizi Adjustable Strap

best guitar accessory - Qielizi Adjustable Strap for guitars

Check Price on Amazon

What We Think

It’s good to go with acoustic guitars and electric guitars. The reason I like this is that it’s super easy to put on your guitar, looks absolutely gorgeous and you can just focus on the playing.


  • 2′ strap width
  • Great as a gift
  • Easy to use
  • Neat aesthetic
  • Free two picks, a string and two strap locks

Thumb pick

The thumb pick is something that fingerstyle guitarists use for playing. It’s optional and you can do without it if you are not into fingerstyle.

If you do play with your fingers, having a thumb pick can give you that extra bit of power while picking the low strings.

Bestseller | D’Addario Thumb Picks

DAddario Thumb Picks for fingerstyle guitar accessory

Check Price on Amazon

What We Think

If you are looking for a thumb pick and your playing style is fingerstyle or percussive strumming, the D’Addario thumb picks are the best choice for you.

Guitar picks come in a all shapes and sizes and whether you get a lead pick or a thumb pick, these have got one thing in common- you will lose them soon enough! So, if you are getting these, make sure to not forget where you last placed them.

These do not have a single complaint from any customer, and while I kind of lost the first set of these I got, the second ones have lasted me many years.


  • Cheap
  • Set of 5 picks
  • Quality Celluloid picks
  • Varying gauges

Good Strings

It goes without saying that if you are a guitarist, you are on an endless search for the best strings that do not cost a fortune. The tone separates a pro player from a beginner guitar player, and investing on a decent set of strings alone can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Good strings will let you bend to your heart’s content without snapping, and more importantly, will last a long time. These also have a good amount of tone and are easy to fret.

Personally, I like to play on light strings as these are way easier on my fingers.

Acoustic Strings | Martin Guitar MA540 Light Strings

Martin Guitar MA540 Light Strings

Check Price on Amazon

What We Think

The Martin Light acoustic guitar strings are quality strings that offer bright and crisp tones These are the pro players use while on stage.


  • Inexpensive
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Exceptional tone
  • Increased tuning stability

Other Accessories You May Want To Look Into

Thanks for reading to the end, and I hope that this shortlist of the best guitar accessories for beginners has helped you in some way. You can certainly get around some of the things on the list by using free alternatives.

In an attempt to keep the list super short, I’ve skipped out on things like string winders, guitar slides, and guitar cables. Those are also things you need often but for the sake of keeping it basic, I haven’t included anything fancy.

You can also go ahead and get a cheap camera, mic, and tripod if you would like to make youtube videos on a budget. Documenting your progress can be great it can help you track progress and help you decide what you need to improve on.

I recommend that you only get those things that you really need and not get into the habit of buying stuff you will never use.


Which is the best guitar tuner?

There are many that make the top pick but I would advise you to get a chromatic tuner that shows you what notes you are playing. That way, you can use the same tuner for ukulele, banjo, mandolin, violin as well as pretty much any string instrument.

Getting one with a built-in metronome is also a good idea.

Is the guitar neck straight?

A good neck is straight but can get warped with time. You just adjust the truss rod alignment or take your guitar to a luthier and it’s an easy fix.

Does a guitar player need all of these accessories?

You do need to own a tuner and a strap for obvious reasons. I have kept the list pretty short and inexpensive, but you still don’t need to have everything if you don’t feel like you would be using it on a daily basis.

Owning Allen key and spare strings will help you stay prepared for anything in the future though.

How important are guitar accessories for beginners?

Most accessories are really non-essential for beginners. As a rule of thumb, anything that doesn’t directly help you can be skipped.


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