Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic Guitar Review

Ibanez IJV50 is a beautiful acoustic guitar with good quality tonewood and free accessories, and whether you get it as your first instrument or intend to use it for a practice guitar, it works great.

We think you’ll love the Ibanez IJV50 if you’re just starting out and want a decent acoustic guitar to learn on. We talk about how the IJ V50 does against options available on the market at a similar price range and whether it’s actually good for you. Let’s get right into it!

Review of Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic

Ibanez IJV50 acoustic guitar jampack

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  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Nato neck with rosewood frets
  • Meranti back and sides with Spruce top
  • Freebies included – electronic tuner, gigbag, strap, and pouch for picks/ capo.

What We Think

The Ibanez IJV50 offers good value for the low asking price – and though it’s not perfect, it’s good enough for any beginner-intermediate level player looking for a beautiful acoustic guitar.


It’s a concert-size guitar with a scale length of 24.9 inches. The finish on the IJ V50 looks gorgeous and there’s nothing to complain about.

I do suggest Abalone stickers over the fret markers, but that’s just me!


The build is nice – it will definitely last for years but you’ll want to keep the instrument under controlled humidity. You should also adjust the truss rod with an Allen key if you notice the action getting too high. You’ll be happy to know that the key also comes included with the set!

Ibanez IJV50 acoustic guitar neck

I love the Nato neck on this – Nato (or Eastern mahogany) is a beautiful tonewood and offers a fuller and warm-sounding crisp tone that works well for rhythm playing. The tone isn’t the brightest, and the EQ is pretty flat – if you don’t understand what that means, the Ibanez IJ V50 sounds nice for a cheap guitar.

The instrument sports a fantastic rosewood fingerboard that’s easy to play. It might need some setting up, and though most models will play great right out of the bat, some might have some buzz or rough fret ends – you just need to get the nut slots adjusted.

If I were getting this guitar, I would probably switch out the stock strings for Martin Light – lighter gauge strings are just easier to press, and this is a personal preference of mine.


One of the things I hate most about budget guitars is how manufacturers skip out on tonewoods for the top and just use laminated plywood. Those sound terrible and the sustain is shitty as well. Thankfully, the IJV50 acoustic comes with a Spruce top.

Ibanez IJV50 acoustic guitar body

Ibanez cut their costs by using Meranti for the back and sides, and it’s quite understandable. You certainly won’t be able to tell unless you’ve been playing for many years. It’s not going to be an issue if you’re just starting out!

How does the Ibanez IJV50 sound?

It doesn’t sound the most luscious, but for a budget acoustic, it sounds great. I believe it has something to do with the Nato neck and Spruce top, but I would be happy to keep it as a practice guitar and even take it with me when I go on vacations.

Many players underestimate cheap guitars – just do a quick saddle and fret adjustment, change the strings to something nicer, and you’ll be surprised at how nice a budget guitar can sound!

Who can get the most out of Ibanez IJV50?

As a budget acoustic that sounds good, both beginners and intermediate players can get excellent value out of the Ibanez V50. For somebody just starting out, the cost of accessories like tuners and straps can add up, so it’s nice that Ibanez went ahead and included those items in the JamPack.

It’s not, however, for somebody who wants to get into recording their own tracks and studio-quality recordings. If you’ve been playing for years and already have a practice guitar, take a look at a mid-range acoustic. My personal favorite among mid-range guitars is the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy acoustic, so check it out if you’re interested.

One thing I would recommend if you’re purchasing the Ibanez IJ V50 (or any other guitar) is to take the instrument to somebody who can set up the fingerboard for you. They will make sure there are no sharp fret wire ends, and the action is just right. You can also give it a try if you’re good with your hands.

The Good

  • Excellent budget guitar for cheap
  • Free gig bag, tuner, strap, and pouch
  • Nato neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • Beautiful finish
  • Good for both beginners and intermediate players

The Bad

  • You won’t get high sustain
  • Need to swap strings

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Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a low-priced acoustic guitar with decent playability and a nice tone, you’ll find the Ibanez IJV50 a steal. It’s good for learning chords, practicing arpeggios, and learning to maintain the instrument. 

Not everybody has the budget to splurge on a thousand-dollar purchase, so for those players who are just starting out and want something that doesn’t suck, the Ibanez IJ V50 is perfect. It’s cheap but it’s still an Ibanez, you might as well fall in love with the instrument.


What gauge strings does Ibanez IJ V50 have?

 The IJ V50 has light gauge strings with string thicknesses between .012 – .053 inches.

Does the Ibanez IJ V50 have an adjustable truss rod?

Yes, the Ibanez IJ V50 does have an adjustable truss rod, and it comes with a truss rod adjustment key so you can easily adjust the action.

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