Kashmir DADGAD tuning and riffs

Kashmir is a part of the Physical Graffiti album from 1975 and remains one of the most iconic pieces of Led Zeppelin.

The hypnotic riffs by Jimmy Page. Bonham’s drumming. Robert Plant on vocals. It all transports you to a happy place!

I'm a traveler of both time and space
To be where I have been

At 80 bpm, the song is slow and steady but the subtle and chromatic guitar makes it anything but boring.

Below, we talk about the tuning, hypnotic riffs, and the chords you need to play Kashmir by Led Zeppelin!

Kashmir DADGAD tuning

The guitar is tuned in DADGAD; from lowest to the highest strings. This makes an open Dsus4 chord when the guitar is played open.

DADGAD tuning vs standard tuning

DADGAD is a popular tuning used in Celtic music, and is great for acoustic jams. You can have the sixth and fourth strings open, and use them as drones to achieve fuller sounds.

We recommend the Snark chromatic tuner if you don’t already have one, or just use the free app we’ve suggested in our best guitar accessories guide.

Kashmir Riffs

The beauty of Kashmir is – there are just four riffs throughout the whole song!

led zeppelin kashmir riff 1
riff 1

Notice that the riff has mostly D notes and sounds like double stops with different notes. You can opt to not play the open fourth string or the fifth if it makes it easier for you.

kashmir riff 2
riff 2

Learn. Repeat.

kashmir riff 3
riff 3

Riff 3 is probably the easiest to learn! Just pay attention to the double stops.

kashmir riff 4
riff 4

The shape may look daunting but it’s just the root and fifth across octaves.

Led Zeppelin Kashmir chords

Kashmir doesn’t use typical chords and you’ll have fun knowing what notes are being played. Here’s Marty with a guitar lesson:

And here’s a version by Felix on Drums, Mark Lettieri on guitar and Martin Miller on guitar & vocals.

We hope you have a great time learning Kashmir – as always, stay inspired!

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